1.  This college gives great importance to discipline which must be observed by all students.

2.  Students must not fail to comply with any of the rules or regulations laid down by the college.

3.   Students must always carry their Identity Cards issued to them by the college with their photographs affixed on the same, bearing the signature of the Principal.

4.  Students must attend all classes, tutorials and practicals according to the timetable. Absence at any of the classes without permission of the Principal may lead to the loss of terms.

5.   Students should make use of the college library and must not loiter around the college premises when they are not engaged in the classes.

6.  Students must be punctual for their classes. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the classes.

7.  Students are expected to show politeness and courtesy as well as observe personal hygiene. Any objectionable conduct reported or observed within or outside the college on the part of a student would make her / his liable for disciplinary action.

8.  Students must submit journals / tutorial books / projects / essay and homework books in time. Students may not be sent up for HSC Board examination for lack of satisfactory academic  progress, irregularity, misconduct or poor attendance. Punishment in the form of fine will also be imposed. Severe penalty will be imposed when a student is found mishandling furniture or  equipment or causing damage to the building or property of the college.

9.  Any student who is persistently indisciplined or willfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractice in exam or has an adverse influence on his / her fellow student may be suspended for a specified period, or expelled permanently by the Principal.

10. Students must have at least 75% attendance in each term. Those falling short of the required number of days in attendance i.e. 75% in each term as well as practicals will not be allowed to appear for the respective examination. (A day's attendance means attendance for all lectures, tutorials, seminars and practicals according to the class time-table for the day)

11.  He / she must not leave the class / laboratory without permission.

12.  Students must attach their latest photographs on the Identity Card.

13.  Students must be present for the daily prayer held in the classroom.

14.  Students must show discipline in such a way, that the reputation of the college will be appreciated.

15.   Absence for a single lecture will be considered as absence for the whole day.

16. No association or organisation can be formed in the college; or meetings held, without the prior permission of the Principal.

17. No picnic, social excursion or tours shall be arranged without a written permission of the  Principal at least one week prior to the date of the trip.

18.  The colour shade of the uniform should be as prescribed by the College. Uniform is compulsory throughout the week. Girls should wear Salvar (Punjabi). Length of the Kurta (top) should be below the knees. T-Shirts, Minis, handbands, etc. are not allowed.

19.Mobile phones, Two wheelers (Motorbikes / Scooters), Ipods, CDs, transistors, etc. are not allowed in the college.

20. If any student is caught while copying during exams, he / she will be given zero marks in that particular subject.

21. Matters not covered by the existing rules will be left at the discreation of the  Principal.

22.Railway concession forms are available at the college office. According to the instructions received from the Railway Board the school / college pupils proceeding to their home town only (with proper evidence), will be issued the concession forms. Parents are requested to foreplan their journey and apply well in advance. Last minute applications will not be accepted. Pupils are allowed to travel only during vacation. A pupil who is a defaulter, with regard to tuition fees, library books etc. will not be entitled for railway concession.

24. Cancellation of Admission : Those who cancel the admission will get their refund from 1st. Sept to 31 st Oct. during the office hours from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. please note that No refund will be given after the third list of Goverment Admission. (You have to pay cancellation charge)