Rev. Fr. James Dsilva

Rev. Fr. Joel D’Cunha


The Thomas Baptista Primary School, which was founded in 1889, has now flourished into a full-fledged educational institution harbouring the Primary, High School, Junior College and MCVC faculty. This highly renowned educational institution of Vasai was started by Mr. Thomas Baptista, a generous layman from Papdy, Vasai; a great lover of knowledge and educational visionary. He had realized the importance of English education in India and he started the Anglo Vernacular English School on September 12, 1889. The school was then run by the Bombay East Indian Association and its primary goal was to cater to the educational needs of the catholic children from Vasai and its vicinity. It also admitted a big number of students of the other religions, castes and creed. During its early years, it encouraged education among girls by providing free education to them.

Since 1930, the school has been under the management of the priests of the diocese. In 1975, according to the new education policy of the 10+2+3 pattern, the Thomas Baptista Junior College was started with Arts, Commerce and Science faculties. Over the years, new job-oriented courses were started to cater to the needs of the time. Subjects such as the Small scale Industries, English and Marathi Stenography, Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology were introduced. The Minimum Competency Vocational Courses; viz. Electronics Technology, Accounting and Auditing and Maintenance and Repairs of Electrical Domestic Appliances have been taught since October 1988. The total student strength of the Primary, High School, Junior College is about 2700.

Since its inception, the institute has been admitting students irrespective of of any religion, caste, creed and socio-economic background. The smooth functioning of the institution has been possible due to the commitment, cooperation and teamwork among the past and present Principals and the teaching and the non-teaching staff. The institution continues to impart the necessary skills and training to students to enable them to cope with the challenges that lie ahead in this competitive world.


Thomas Baptista Junior College is the offshoot of the Primary School founded in 1889.  This institution has grown and served the people, not only of Vasai but also of Maharashtra and the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli for more than 12 decades.  It has catered to the students of all faiths and even lower strata of our Mother Land.

Education is neither for business, nor for making money or for perpetuating a name of a beloved person; Education is for knowledge, wisdom and for leading life meaningfully.  Education is for life, for freedom with responsibility and for liberation.  That’s why, disciple (student) and discipline are inseparable elements of Education.

Education was a part of Jesus “Vision and Mission”.  Teaching, preaching and healing was the triple Mission of Jesus life.  He created healthy relationship among his many listeners, sizeable followers, 70 disciples and 12 apostles.  He took into confidence the Core Team of Three (Peter, John, James) to share who he was and what he did, in order to continue his Words and Works.

The Church continues constantly and conscientiously to realize the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ on Earth by forming, re-forming and transforming students for our country by inculcating the values of study, hard work, discipline which lead to uphold Human Dignity, by enabling to do Duties as a citizen, by respecting Human Rights, and above all, to work for Unity and Integrity of our BHARAT.

Indeed, we are glad to stress that the dream of Jesus and of the Church is being ably continued through our Junior College for over 50 years due to the devoted principals and competent Staff.  The commitment of the present Principal , Fr James Dsilva, and the dedicated teaching and non-teaching Staff is notable.  If you are selected, you’ll be always proud of our Jr. College.  WELCOME!

                                                                  Fr. Joel D’Cunha

                                                                  Rector & Manager

                                                            Thomas Baptista Jr. College